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Click here to access an "update-able" invoice form which can be used to complete your SCTPP invoice each term. By using this form, it will ensure SCTPP has all the information needed to remit payment expediently.

For Any In-State Public University, Private University or Technical College

Click here to verify if a SCTPP student is eligible to receive payments from the program online – 24 hours, 7 days a week!

This website can help you to:

  • Verify the eligibility status of an individual student by name or Social Security Number
  • Verify available program benefits of an individual student for billing purposes
  • Download a list of SCTPP eligible and ineligible students in Excel or CSV format
  • View and/or print a report of SCTPP eligible and ineligible students
  • View SCTPP billing and payment procedures
  • Access billing forms as needed
  • Submit an SCTPP billing inquiry via e-mail
The beneficiary eligibility information is updated at the start of every week.

If your institution has already established access to this site, your login and password information should remain confidential. This will ensure that only a valid, authorized individual is accessing this site.

If your institution has not yet established an authorized login for this site and would like to, please submit a request to Please make sure to indicate your institution name, type of institution and location – as well indicate that this inquiry is for the SCTPP Program. If you have any concerns or questions with this website, please contact a SCTPP representative at 1.888.772.4723 option 1, or email us at
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